We began Jolley Photography in 2003, with a passion for people, and a desire to help families preserve moments in time with fine portraits.

Our Photography Focus:


Studio Photography
At Jolley Photography we recognize that you have a choice when it comes to having your pictures taken. As one of Utah’s Premier Photography Studios, we offer unparalleled customer service and attention to detail. Our studio, located in the heart of South Jordan, Utah, has room for up to 17 guests for a photo session. Whether you have just one person or need a large venue to accommodate an extended family, we can help create lasting memories. Click here to request a photo session at our studio.

What helps us create the finest portraits in the Salt Lake Valley continues to be a passion for the art. Both Bruce and Tammy Jolley bring artistic sense to their work. Bruce Jolley, one of two Master Photographers at the studio, has an unmatched talent when it comes to lighting, delicate and soft, or charismatic and high energy. His expression of art is really seen in the eyes of the people he photographs. Eyes truly are the window to your soul. Bruce captures your emotion through your eyes, he sees the trust of a child, the love of a parent, the purity of a bride, and the innocence of a newborn. 

Tammy Jolley, the partnering Master Photographer has over twenty years of experience with film, retouching and styling photo sittings. Her artistic flare is fine tuned to the details, capturing a moment with a tender touch, a soft curl of hair repositioned, or a tender bundle of roses. With so many loyal family customers, the Jolley’s continually bring in new props, furniture pieces and artistic backdrops to offer variety and originality in our photos. To learn more about our studio accomodations, please call today!

Tips for Great Studio Portraits
Wearing the right clothing can make all the difference between great photography and not so great pictures.  We work hard to make you look your best and want to be sure that you know what to wear for great photos.  Here is a little guide we have created to help you plan a perfect outfit for your photography session.

Denim always looks great in casual photos.  If you don’t know what to wear and are planning a casual photo session, pair some great denim with a long sleeve, dark solid top.  This   beautiful combination will look great every time.

Dark Colors
Dark solid tops with long sleeves look the most flattering when caught on camera.  As you select your outfit, try to find a flattering, dark top.  This is especially helpful for those trying to camouflage or disguise problem body areas.

Light colors and pastels can also look great.  You can pair your pastel tops with khaki and denim easily for a great looking photograph.

Group Photos
Don’t Match Too Much. If you want amazing group photos, a good general rule to follow is to coordinate without wearing the same thing.  If you have a group of 5 or more, we find that choosing 2 or 3 coordinating colors works well. 

Choosing the right outfit is as simple as knowing what to wear and how to combine it.  You probably have a picture perfect outfit already waiting for you in your closet.

Brown, forest green and camel (dark tan) pair well together. 

Black, gray and maroon or red in conjunction.  Both of these color combinations pair really well with denim for casual group photos. 

Remember… if you want to wear white, make sure that everyone wears white.  If one person is in white and everyone else is in dark, the person in white will really stand out.  If you choose white, everyone needs to wear white.

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